i n f i n i t i e s . . .
  • Percy Jackson: I'm going to kill her.
  • Grover Underwood: It's okay. I like peanut butter!
  • Sally Jackson: Percy?
  • Chiron: Mr. Jackson. Did you have a comment?
  • Annabeth Chase: He's the one. He must be.
  • Clarisse La Rue: Well! A newbie!
  • Tyson: I...I am a freak?
  • Thalia Grace: I am Thalia. Daughter of Zeus.
  • Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Oh my god! Do you always kill people when they blow their noses?
  • Nico di Angelo: Don't talk to my sister that way!
  • Piper McLean: Jason, you okay?
  • Jason Grace: Um, I don't-
  • Coach Hedge: All right cupcakes, listen up!
  • Leo Valdez: Yeah right, Jason. We've all been framed! I didn't run away six times, Piper didn't steal a BMW.
  • Frank Zhang: That should've killed her!
  • Hazel Levesque: Frank, get them inside, quick!
  • Reyna: Percy...Jackson?
  • Octavian: The graecus! How interesting.